About us

We are here to improve the situation of migrants in Switzerland and to enforce our rights. We are all part of society and responsible for our future. That is why we fight injustice and discrimination. Get up and join in.

Our problems

Waiting Having to wait makes us ill. A person who is not allowed to do anything, not to work or study, will perish. Having to wait and not being able to do anything, we become mentally ill.

Camps Many different people live in the camps. It is not easy to cope with all these different behaviors. 4-6 people share a small room to sleep. Our private belongings are not safe, because the these rooms are always open. They control us, however they please.

Deportation If Switzerland deports us, our governments will either kill us or put us in prison for the rest of our lives. So let us stand up for our rights.

Education Let us at least learn the language and give us access to information. We wand education for everyone, independent of origin, age, or gender. With or without a residency permit.

Work We are young and full of energy. We want to learn a profession, we want to work and advance in life. We have dreams and we need self-determination.

Papers We are all human beings. We are against the categorization and the discrimination based on documents and residency permits.

Causes of Flight and Migration Switzerland and Europe have a strong influence on our countries of origin, politically, economically and ecologically. We are here because you are destroying our countries.

Human Rights Human Rights are necessary, because humans can become victims. It is the aim of the Human Rights to reduce this victimization and to demolish it. Refugees have Human Rights as they are the victims, because humanity lacks peace, democracy and freedom. To respect the rights of refugees is to respect humanity.

Our strategy

Together, diverse, networked

  • If we are many, we can struggle stronger for our goals.
  • If we are diverse, we can take into account the differences between us.
  • If we are networked, we can strengthen each other and learn from each other.

Transparent, open, hierarchy-critical

  • If we have no secrets from each other, everyone may understand everything and build an opinion.
  • If new groups and people quickly feel welcome, we become more and stronger faster.
  • If we don’t need any or only a few bosses, there is more space for responsibility and creativity for the others.

Intervening, Informed and Associated

  • If we do resistance, express critique or make our propositions known, we are seen and can make a positive difference.
  • If we understand how our problems arise, we can tackle them better.
  • If the network is like a home, we can struggle with dignity for freedom.

Organised, committed and in solidarity

  • If we organize ourselves, we break through isolation and are less alone.
  • If everyone does what they say, we can count on each other better.
  • If we can count on each other, we can risk more.

Our organisational structure